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Safety fences are a vital asset for the safety of citizens.

A safety fence protects a pedestrian from being hit by a car, prevents your child from leaving the parks when distracted and looks away, prevents a drowning in a pool and more.

Ensure the safety of your parish, town hall or district. Do not endanger citizens, talk to us and have the best wooden solution for your urban park, garden or walkway.

Prevent accidents even before they happen. Having urban planning and street furniture that fits what you need is critical.

Because safety is a major issue today, not only on site, but also on a daily basis, our major goal is to present to our customers the best fences on the market with the best possible woods.

Our offer is extensive in this area, with qualified assembly technicians and the most varied aesthetic solutions. Safety first without neglecting the beauty of the place where it operates.

Physical security is the establishment of barriers to prevent or delay intrusions and to ensure a more effective response to them. It is the branch of security that prevents unauthorized access to equipment, facilities, materials or documents.

Contrary to popular belief, concern for physical security is not a 21st century phenomenon. It has been very early in human history that the safety of certain spaces has been a concern. For this very reason it is with relative ease that we have found in the past several examples of measures to ensure the physical safety of certain places. The walls and moats built in medieval castles are just two archaic examples of physical security.