– Panels

– Stops

– Gangway

– Shelters

– Signage

Urban furniture for industry, wooden walkway, wooden bridges

Informative panels
Our information panels are laminated and treated pine structures. The materials used are applied to the most diverse types of panels and signs, allowing a quick identification in total harmony with the surroundings, and also a valuable help for visitors and tourists in general.
Our informative panels are solutions resistant to sun exposure and weather and therefore guarantee a great durability, perfect for industry.

Shelters and Bus Stops
Our wooden shelters are ideal for various types of applications such as stops, golf courses and more. All our shelters are made of treated wood, resistant and guaranteed against their early rot.

Who doesn’t want any kind of structure to fit perfectly into the landscape and surroundings? Wood is by nature the material of excellence to help realize this assumption, perfectly inserting in nature and landscape, adding value and beauty. Bridges and walkways are the ideal solution for improved access and an invitation to nature walks.

Signage is essential both in cities, towns and villages as they communicate guidance information in the most diverse types of spaces. Despite technological developments, the basic need for guidance still exists.
Our treated wood signage solutions, besides being inserted in the environment where they are placed, help People to orient themselves and to make the most diverse decisions.
As with all solutions we offer our customers, the added value of seamless landscape integration, solution durability and low maintenance costs are common to all our industry-leading products.

paragens de autocarro em madeira, mobiliário urbano para Industria