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We are a company with experience in the manufacture and assembly of urban furniture, which works with woods of various types (oak, chestnut, etc.). Our wood has class IV pressure, with or without color and treatment.

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Woods we use

Larche Pine tree

Larche Pine tree wood has excellent mechanical properties compared to other more commonly used species, such as pine, northern spruce or Douglas fir. Of very long lasting nature, Larche pine tree does not need treatment against biological agents. It is a hard, resin impregnated wood which makes it very difficult to rot or at least makes it very resistant to atmospheric agents and moisture.

Pine tree

It is a tree very appreciated for its resistance thanks to the treatment class IV.

Oak tree

Oaks are hardwood trees, very resistant to insects and fungi (natural durability) thanks to the high concentration of tannin. Oak provides a heavier wood inside temperate species. Its mechanical resistance is very important. It is a wood that has excellent stability over the years and has a high resistance to humidity.

Acacia tree

It is a very hard and heavy wood, with high resistance against insects and, in particular, against fungi. All these qualities make the acacia is a first quality wood for the elements that have to stay permanently outside.


Chestnet tree wood is flexible and durable. Even without being mechanically impregnated, it belongs to the class of durability III. This wood contains many tannins, which explains its exceptional resistance against moisture and mould.